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Welcome to ChaseRiver Calibrations

Thank you for visiting ChaseRiver. Our speciality is calibrations. Our goal is to provide you with the very best image and sound possible from your home theater equipment. No matter what type of equipment you have, we make it perform the best it can.

If you are designing your room or selecting video and audio components, give us a call. We know what works and what doesn't. We can help make your dedicated home theater, multimedia room or family entertainment area an absolute joy to use.


Customer Testimonials

Thanks again for coming out yesterday. The real "proof in the pudding" is how the picture actually looks after everything is brought into specs. I can tell you that after watching the football game last night validated the investment in your time and effort. All the minor imaging issues (artifacts and colors) I spoke to you about are now gone! The Panasonic 54" V10 and the 46" PZ85U both have an absolutely stunning picture whether I'm watching FiOS, Blue-ray or Std DVDs. A real eye opening experience and worth every penny! Murphy, TX

Thanks for a job (JVC HD750) well done Clinton. I am copying my friend who asked me about equivalent service on his big screen TV. Please spread the the experience his way. Argyle, TX

Clinton it looks great to me. Thanks for the fine job (Panasonic plasma). If you need a reference use me! Frisco, TX

Clinton recently completed his third calibration for me and I couldn't be more pleased. My latest video addition was a Sony 60" 1080p SXRD. This set has a good picture right out of the box, but after calibration, it is truly incredible. Prosper, TX

We are very pleased with the results. The picture (Sony KDS-55A2020) is excellent as well as the surround sound. Sincerely, Dallas, TX

I wanted to say how much we enjoy our Sony after the calibration. The colors are more natural looking and the blue hues in dark scenes are gone...Your service is greatly appreciated! Frisco, TX

And I can definitely tell the difference with the surround sound. Wow! Thanks so much for your hard work. We will definitely refer you to our friends. Frisco, TX