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Audio Calibration

A lot of audio electronics today have auto calibration features built in. However, many are fooled by the room's acoustic character. Echoes, sound reflections, background noises and even the built-in microphones can deceive the calibration. Getting great sound in home theaters requires proper setup and precise calibration.

Our professional audio calibration ensures that the sound you hear is as close to the original recording as possible. Every room is evaluated for correct speaker placement and alignment, acoustic treatments and bass management. You will hear the difference.


We're THX Home Theater Technician II Certified

THX Level II certification specifically targets advance home theater design, testing, and calibration. THX is the standard in high performance audio. Every sound system must have good bass, precise sound localization, smooth sound movement, clear and articulate dialog and smooth tonal balance.

ChaseRiver uses Phonic, M-Audio, Gold-Line, Flute, and Earthworks instruments to properly calibrate all audio components. Our test equipment, professional audio DVDs, and software allows us to calibrate audio components with extreme accuracy.